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Asl Program

Sign Language Classes


Empowering Sound of Movement (ESOM) American Sign Language classes provide an educational experience designed to teach parents, guardians and family members the ability to connect with their deaf love ones. Our classes not only provide an avenue for communicating with their loved ones as well as provide an opportunity for students to better understand deaf culture and improve relationships.



Statement of Need


  • Hearing parents of deaf children must take the time to learn more about their child’s deafness, in order to choose the mode of communication that is best for the child.


  • The better the familial signing skills, the better the scholastic achievement of the deaf child.


  • The lack of an effective mode of communication between hearing parents and their deaf child, often results in feelings of isolation by the child.


  • Lack of early exposure to a natural language.


  • Literacy challenges that later translate to difficulty finding Employment.


  • More research on their child’s deafness and the options available to them; able to make better decisions.


  •  Explore the Deaf community; it may help them to gain a better understanding of their child’s deafness.


  • Instructors integrate hearing parents into classes to help them understand their Deaf child mode of communication and culture effectively & efficiently.


Program Description


Our students are first introduced to American Sign Language (ASL) with basic sentence structure, including directional verbs, quantifiers and classifiers. Throughout the program our students are better able to learn and continue to improve their ASL structure so that they are able to negotiate in a signing environment as it relates to comprehension and improve conversation strategies.


  • Students learn how to share their story, talk about life events, and how to manage a conversation.


  • Students discuss current events while fine-tuning their expressive and receptive skills.


  • Students will begin learning to voice and sign independently as well as communicate through ASL with their classmates.



Goals & Objectives


  • Participants will know basic vocabulary and possess basic grammar skills for communication.


  • Participants will be able to make introductions and share personal information about self, family, basic desires and interests.


  • Participants will be able to talk about their surroundings, by giving and receiving directions as well as sharing information about where they live.


  • Participants will be able to use basic strategies for establishment and maintenance of conversations and relationships.


  • Participants will have a basic understanding of Deaf culture including exposure to ASL literature and art.




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