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The focus of Community Business Educational Training Internship program is for deaf and hearing youth and young adults who are acquiring the essential Business Education necessary to successfully transition into the business world. CBET Internship is designed for deaf and hearing youth and young adults working toward academic an instructional strategy that helps develop skills in self-advocacy, safety in the community, taking initiative as a leader, appropriate work, social behaviors, and access local community resources, while obtaining work-based learning experiences. Additionally, CBET Internship supports opportunities for integration in general business training.


An important component of CBET Internship is the involvement and support of other Businesses within the community. These businesses are invited to be an active participant in the program which utilizes CBET Internship as an instructional strategy. This participation should include their suggestions for prioritizing the development of skills in the community business setting for the deaf and hearing youth and young adults. CBET Internship is based upon the deaf and hearing youth and young adults individual plans and goals on how to transition his or her activities to maximize training experience. These activities should reflect their interests, preferences and needs. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that, whenever possible, the deaf and hearing youth and young adults participating in this program should be provided the opportunity to learn and master skills in the community in which they live.


A large part of CBET Internship is the need to document the deaf and hearing youth and young adults performance. During the work experience training activities the deaf and hearing youth and young adults do not allow for disruption while training, they communicate the support needed, their asked how their training is going, and are they benefiting from the training provided, and what we can do to be supportive of them using the skills their getting in this program. During the post training activities we set up meetings to discuss questions using a questionnaire. Next we use helpful materials as a guide to performance coaching, as needed. Third we recognize and reinforce the use of skills matching these skills to a job that suits them. Fourth, we recognize and reward overall implementation of the learned skill. Last set a date for at least one follow-up meeting, within 2-4 weeks to discuss employee’s post training performance. During the activity, the Para Educator should review and document the performance. Assessment results are reviewed by the Para Educator and plans are made for future business adventures should the young adult choose to further their skills in whatever profession he or/she choose to venture out to. This assessment information should be used in developing skills and maximizing training experience for their future goals.


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