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Citizenship Program

ESOM has partnered with Citizenship In ASL Inc. to provide assistance to all Deaf immigrants in becoming United States Citizens. This class is unique in many ways: it is not only taught in American Sign Language, but it is the only ASL Citizenship class of its kind offered in Southern California. 


The goal of this course is to provide Deaf Students with the necessary knowledge that is required to be eligible for naturalization, or as some may know it, American-Citizenship. This knowledge includes: Basic English vocabulary, American History, American Government, and civics. Students use a wide variety of Sign Languages that include Mexican, Nicaraguan, Armenian, and Russian Sign Language, etc. Some students have never received formal schooling and use "home signs" (a mixture of gestures and mimes used to communicate at home).


Citizenship In ASL  have worked tirelessly and continue to work very hard to create and adapt materials so that Deaf students can prepare to take the exam in ASL.  Citizenship In ASL also prepare by performing mock interviews using Sign Language Interpreters and filming students signing the U.S. civics questions and answers.


The success of the program has been phenomenal! Since our involvement with the program, we have witnessed hundreds of students reach their goal in passing the U.S. citizenship interview and exam. Deaf immigrants will now be able to take more control of their lives by learning how this country is governed and by feeling pride in being naturalized by choice, thus achieving the American Dream.

© 2014 by Empowering Sounds of Movement Inc. 501 (c) (3) Public Charity

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