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The children placed into group homes have typically experienced significant emotional, physical, and/or social hardships prior to placement. There is often a history of abuse by a family member or sibling in the child’s life. Children in group homes may have come through probation, county mental health, or child welfare services.


Children in our facilities often have extreme need for care and assistance in every aspect of their lives. This includes: emotional, social and physical development; education; role modeling and the establishment of socially acceptable behaviors; assistance in caring for medical or psychiatric illnesses; and the development into an independent and happy young adult. Although each case is very unique the following is a list (in no particular order) of some common reasons/factors that lead to placement into a group home.





Unsafe Family environment



 *Drug/alcohol abuse by parents

 *Lack of supervision

 *Court ordered placements


 *Drug/alcohol abuse

 *Unfit family environments




 * Mainstream Environment for both Hearing & Deaf youths

 * Least Restricted Environment

 * Non minor Dependency

 * Teach basic Vocabulary and Grammar Communication

 * Practice basic strategies for establishing and maintaining conversations and relationships.

 * Youth will develop in both English & ASL.

 * Effective in Work Readiness & Life Skills

 * Staff MUST be fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)





Our program will give an educational experience designed to teach youth, parents, guardians and family members the ability to connect with their loved ones; which will better the scholastic achievement of the youth. As the world continues to move at such a fast pace, youth are forced to keep up with life skills. We will make it our goal to continue educating the youth and assist the parents in the community to improve academic growth.We will keep providing the necessary tools to aid in improving the community literacy issues, and assist in providing equal opportunities that will decrease the unemployment rate for the youth.

Expressions Group Home

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