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Work Force Development

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Workforce Development


The Workforce Development Program is a problem-focused approach addressing issues that the Deaf & Hearing young adults’ who are low-skilled; or need the assistance on how to approach the workforce despite the many barriers and the overall challenges faced today in the community.


       Job Readiness:


The goals of this program are to build students’ career development, knowledge, skills and awareness of job search opportunities and availability regional resources. Equally important, students’ knowledge and the skills necessary for creating effective resumes, preparing for job interviews, and securing job opportunities will be developed.


        Financial Literacy:


         The program teaches practical money management where participants learn budgeting basics and debt              control tactics. During the money management classes, each participant works to develop a budget, adjust,          and modify their budget as necessary. The objective is not only to impart important information to our youth,          but also to teach students the tools to engage in conversations necessary to strengthen and magnify the                significance of financial literacy. Overall, our  organization is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of              building financial security.


         Transitional Living Skills:


         The Transitional Living program teaches independent living skills designed to teach our young adults                    personal responsibility. The entire ESOM team is involved in helping our young adults acquire appropriate            decision-making skills;  while preparing each one to become balanced and productive adults.    The                      Transitional Living Skills Program teaches all residents valuable skills in the following areas: money                          management, food management, personal appearance, hygiene, health, Housekeeping, transportation,                educational planning, job seeking skills, job maintenance Skills, emergency/safety, community resources,              and interpersonal and legal skills.      

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